2009 m. vasario 28 d., šeštadienis

February ornament

Atrasis ornamentas 2009 Christmas Challenge kaip ir pirmasis siuvinėtas baltu madeira šilku ant naturalaus lino ir fragmentai iš knygos "Marabout Blanc". dydis 5x7cm.

There is mine February ornament of 2009 Christmas Challenge.
I stitch on natural linen madeira silk, charts from book "Marabout Blanc", size 5x7cm.

And thanks Eva-Maria and Lilang for awards:)

I love all blogs from my blog list, so I can't choose couple of you, I have decided that I am passing it to all of you:) Have a good weekend.

31 komentaras:

  1. meravigliosa casetta!
    buona domenica

  2. So beautiful: I like the natural linen with white! Claudia

  3. Oh, this is a beautiful ornament. And so beautifully photographed in the snow.
    You still seem to have a lot of snow. Ours has started to melt the past days. I'm very happy about this.

  4. The first photo is the best from these! I really like it!!
    Your ornie is a very cute one!

    Dovilé, if you wanna play with words, please visit me here:

  5. The ornamnet is sooo pretty!!!!!
    Congratulations on the award, i enjoy reading your blog very much!!

  6. у вас снова снег???? Класс! А игольница просто прелесть!

  7. for the white thread i prefer also naturel linen !
    your ornement like all yours photos (pictures) is so beautiful in the snow !!!!
    and thanks for the award ! i like so much read your blog to !
    good sunday !

  8. Your photo and your ornament are beautiful ;-)))

  9. Премиленькая штучка и фото просто потрясающие!!

  10. très simple mais si joli !
    Je t'embrasse et te souhaite une douce soirée

  11. Congratulations on this beautiful ornament. It is gorgeous!

  12. Pirmas ornamentai Jurgai, antrasis man...:))) bjauri aš:))))

  13. This ornament is so beautiful in its simplicity.
    It looks wonderful the way you have photographed it.

  14. I just passed an award to you.
    Please visit my blog, when you have time!



  15. You have an Award - please visit my blog!

  16. Your ornament is simply beautiful:)

  17. I can't really explain why, but I so like the first picture especially, its colors, the total effect... makes me all dreamy! :)


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