2008 m. liepos 27 d., sekmadienis

Pay It Forward

Mano draugė Jurga paskelbė "Pay It Forward" projektą, mielai sudalyvavau :) Taigi dabar aš perimu estafetę.

Taisyklės yra tokios:
Jeigu norėtumėte vienerių metų laikotarpyje (iki 2009 m. liepos mėn.) gauti iš manęs "rankdarbinę" dovanėlę, palikite komentarą po šiuo postu, ir pirmi 3 komentavę žmonės bus mano PIF nariai.
* Savo ruožtu šie žmonės savo bloge turėtų skelbti PIF projektą ir pirmiems trims, palikusiems komentarus, siųsti savo darytas dovanėles, ir t.t. Štai tokia grandinėlė... :)

Tikiuosi, kad prisijungsit! :) Dovilė

It was kind to join "Pay It Forward" circle at Jurga blog! So here I am offering it on mine now :)

The rules are as follows:

* If you would like to receive crafting gift made by me within one year (in July 2009 at the latest) please leave comment on this post to say that you are interested, and the first 3 people will be my PIF members
* In return you post the same offer on your own blog. And the chain goes on... :)

I hope there will be someone who will sign up for my PIF member! :)

7 komentarai:

  1. I would love to sign up for your PIF if I may.

  2. Thank you Susimac, I'm glad of your decision :) I'll make something with pleasant for you.

  3. Oh Dovile!!
    I would like to sign up your PIF, if it's still open!!
    I'm admired of your wonderful works always, so if I could receive your work in person, I would be SO happy!!

  4. Thank you Yuko, I'm glad you like my works, it will be pleasant to do something for you :)

  5. Why not ?? I'd also like to sign up for your Pif if it's possible.
    I've visited your blog and found a lot of lovely works !
    So, have a nice creative day !


  6. Thanks Domy, I'm glad you find my blog and you like my works. I'll do something for you with pleasant.
    And PIF close for this time ...

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